Monday, December 31, 2007

LBMS's Least Disgraceful Moments of '07, Presented by Summer's Eve

Major League Baseball gets head, full-body, conscious. Jump.

Our main Mangino eats, blocks sun: the movie. Jump.

When mutes attend football games, let there be crowd noise. And oh yeah, let there be no skippage. Jump.

Who knew the moon had an ACL to tear? Phil Knight didn't, and he's gonna want a refund. Jump.

When watching playoff baseball just isn't enough, you and Pete may stay occupied. Jump.

The NBA's public relations team. On anabolic angel dust. Jump.

Taking you behind the scenes of the wheelchairless Stephen Hawking of general managers. Jump.

Jimmy Clausen will take your daughter to prom. And then eat your bagel bites. Jump.

Roger Cossack would like to analyze your indecent exposure case. Jump.

Nifty special effects on the baseball diamond. Jump.

Meet Purple Jesus' core-of-the-earth counterpart. Jump.

Barry Bonds played the game of baseball well. For this, we thank him. Jump.

One fine day in the city. One terrible day for 9er fans. Jump.

Where the best show on television, baseball, and constant masturbatory mentioning happens. Jump.


Just for mediocre measure, we'll give you some of our other favorites of the year.

Movie: Gone, Baby Gone. No Country is a close second. We have a feeling that There Will Be Blood will be up in this eschelon as well once we are able to see it.

TV Show: The Sopranos. Somewhat closely followed by Conchords, Dexter, maybe Weeds.

Album: Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet

Song: "No One" by Alicia Keys. Not guilty. Just a goddamn pleasure.

Coffee bean: Hawaiian Hazelnut

Olive: Mezzetta's Colossal Sicilian

Kige Ramsey report: This one.

Crossdressing boxer pictoral: Oscar de la Hoya

Thanks for reading everybody. LBMS is looking forward to a prosperous new year and wishes you a happy one as well!

Our resolution is to eliminate the drunk dial from our arsenal.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Eliminate the drunk dial huh?? Guess u failed at that last night. But ur so homegrown with ur hazelnut shit and Alicia Keys. By they way.... any douche bag that likes no country is a fucking tool. You might as well say you liked Juno. But anyways... my resolutions are to eliminate the swearing and negative attitude from my daily life.