Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Attempting to Eliminate Thoughts of Double-Football Chested Women While Playing Football

So T.O. has spoken out against Jessica Simpson's presence in Texas Stadium. Maybe he's just jealous that when Romo bags a blonde, the world doesn't get outraged (see: that Desperate Housewive's/MNF ad).

Either way, T.O.'s comments are neither surprising nor likely disruptive to Dallas. After all, the man's got 25 million reasons not to be a "cancer."

As for Romo, maybe it's not such a wise decision to have those funbags watching you play in the month where you so clearly lick banshee balls. Had Simpson been in Irving in September or October, we're pretty sure little Tony would have been getting a happy ending in the locker room at halftime. But this month, it's merely one long Joe Buck oglepalooza.

Maybe Wade Phillips ought to dip into the Larry Eustachy coaching playbook and facilitate a threesome to silence T.O.

Seriously though, all of this bedazzled #9 jersey and jugg talk do lead us to wonder...

We know Romo can certainly get into the endzone. But does he fumble the clit and then get tackled from behind when going for the extra point? Does Joe Simpson supervise and broker contracts in between each new bedroom act? All roads lead to Doubleyesville.

For Real? Terrell Owens Hates Jessica [The Big Lead]


Jesse said...

Wow... even u jump on this bullshit of a story... disappointed in you. Bye the way I only read the first sentence... maybe it's good?

Jesse said...

By bye by.... I meant by.

Doje said...

thank you for the feedback on 1 sentence!!!