Thursday, September 27, 2007

So long and thanks for all the IBBs

Thank you Barry. Thank you for keeping the Giants in San Francisco, and for the glorious shrine to baseball that is Pac Bell Park. Thank you for your 586 home runs, +.300 batting average, and Ruthian OPS.

Thank you for your five MVP seasons. For winning Jeff Kent the award in 2000 and then holding back on snapping his neck two years later in the dugout.

Thank you for our four playoff berths (and the 103 win-season reem job in '93). For saying fuck you to your critics and hitting four bombs while batting .471 in the travesty that was the '02 Series.

Thanks for keeping 'The Next Episode' constantly embalmed in our domes with each and every walk-up to the box. For single-handedly blossoming the rubber chicken industry, and allowing New Era to churn out record profits as the size of your hat/head continued to "mature."

Thank you for everything Barry. Have a pleasant chariot ride to Cooperstown. Now please, just let us fucking rebuild already.

Here are two very fine pieces on how the fanbase feels: San Francisco's Bonds, Mixed Emotions

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