Sunday, September 30, 2007

Photo Gallery from Bill Walsh Field at Monster Park

Ed. Note: The LBMS staff photographer traveled to the city to enjoy a sunny afternoon of football as the San Francisco 49ers hosted the Seattle Seahawks in a battle for first place in the NFC West. Here are the moments he captured.

"Look Ma! It's Gore-ville Redenbacher." Franky dropped the football twice more in the first quarter of this ballgame and we're beginning to wonder if we should ask Coach Nolan to remove the popcorn machine from the team's film room.

A candid photograph snapped of the team's front five, which allowed SIX first-half sacks Sunday. (Larry Allen, Jonas Jennings, and Joe Staley are on other side of the piece of coagulated milk)

An extreme up-close of the stone-age throwback jerseys/gloves that the WR/LB/DBs wore for the game! They really came in handy for LB Derek Smith in the first quarter as he dropped a cupcake at midfield that Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck attemped to feed him.

Here we have 2005 MVP Shaun Alexander breaking off another impressive 20-inch run. We think he may be suffering from vertigo. Actually, wait, no he's just done.

The scene on Bill Walsh field after the 49ers successfully completed a hat trick in the third quarter. Yep, three consecutive pre-snap offensive penalties (2 false starts and 1 illegal formation)

Alas, a shot of the San Francisco pass rush, taken at the line of scrimmage. Similar photos were snapped throughout the game. It appears Hasselbeck fed them warm milk from his teet before kickoff, as he had ALL DAY to find a receiver EVERY TIME he dropped back.

All in all, a fun day to be a 9er fan!

Seattle 23
S.F. 3

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