Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How 'Bout I Punchisize Your Face? For Free

Pay for a bag of chips? You fucking kidding me?

You think I came to a major football institution near a fucking swamp to pay for a gotdamn bag of chips?

Urban didn't say shit about paying for no fuckin' sea salt 'n vinegar, motha trucka.

What's that? Just a dollar? Yeah well I've got six and a half fucking sacks, boy. I'm third on the team with 62 tackles including 11 and a half for loss, son.

How 'bout you keep strokin' that Chia pet behind your fucking counter and be glad I'm eating my grinder in your gotdamn shop.

As soon as I get that seventh sack believe me, I'm out of this shit sauna. Mawfuckin' Jared has got a seven-up policy over there.

You want me to leave now? How 'bout I give you a fucking pastrami mustache. BAM. More? Here are some fuckin' styrofoam denchers you gotdamn toothless bogmongrel.

Go fuck a lillypad in the Everglades.

Shit, bro. Cops! Let's bolt back to the dorms.

Florida starter Cunningham arrested for food fight
[Sports Illustrated]

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