Thursday, November 8, 2007

MLB Enters War On Unprotected Dome

ORLANDO, Fla. -- In response to the tragic death of a minor league first-base coach last season, baseball will now use protection.

General managers decided base coaches of all 30 major league clubs will be required to wear helmets on the field beginning in 2008.

In addition to the "Olerud adjustment," commissioner Bud Selig is also mandating extra shielding for base coaches of two MLB franchises.

Kansas City coaches must wear medieval knight armor, coupled with an excalibur, in an attempt to provide the necessary defense against mullet-ridden tag team familial assaults.

"Having been to Kaufman Stadium on more than one occasion, it just makes sense," Detroit Tigers president Dave Dombrowski said. "When those fans get wet, they get wiley."

As for a bulwark to guard against another set of wet and wiley midwestern fans, general managers also voted Thursday that Chicago Cubs coaches be required to wear condoms at all times.

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Jesse said...

I could be wrong but are you trying to use this poor man's death as a way to make a joke for your oh so silly willy blog?