Monday, November 19, 2007

ESPN's Legal Analyst Would Like You To Know He Is Available To Analyze Your Child's Mock Trial

Gee, that Roger Cossack is always on TV, he must be an extremely important, busy guy!

Not so fast young legal squires.

Roger Cossack would like you to know that is a popular misconception; in between his enlightening and core-cutting assessments of current courtroom affairs in the sporting world, he is always available for extra-curricular law dissection as well.

"You see, I have to pop my head in a little box on the ol' boob tube, tee hee..." Cossack giggled. "Every few hours or I will be disbarred from CATGLIB (Cable Television Generic Law Interpretation Board). My constant, vague comments are just a formality really."

Cossack would again like to reassure you that he has plenty of time for even the most childish, trivial of matters, specializing in: standing on the corner and properly interpreting the stoplight to identify the correct moment at which your child can legally cross the intersection, and bake sale/lemonade stand tax law.

"Seriously you guys," Cossack said. "You can contact me at any time."

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