Tuesday, December 11, 2007

American Baseball Fans Rejoice: F*k-U is Coming!

One of Japan's premier outfielders, Kosuke Fukudome, is fleeing the island, and headed for the majors.

We, along with every other fan who lands Fu(c)kudome, will be hoping he doesn't put Kosuke on his jersey. Only Ichiro does stuff as gay backwards as that.

The Vietnamese have given us Phuc, and now Japan, as a Pearl Harbor 66th anniversary gift, will be donating Fuk.

Fuck proper pronunciations. Fuck small children's ears. Stadium graphics operators, if you want to spin the crowd into a profun-ity frenzy, Kosuke at-bats will be your nirvana.

FUK-U *drum drum* FUK-U *drum drum*

Put it on the boooooard, yyyyyesss.

Fukudome says he's headed to the majors [Sports Illustrated]

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