Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wear the Grudge Like a Crown of Negativity

So New England is favored by a record 24.5 points over the Jets this Sunday. That would be three touchdowns, a field goal, and a half extra point awarded by referees sucking balls of homering the Pats.

Only five other teams in the NFL average greater than 24.5 points per game! Vegas believes Belichick's desire to crush Mangini is stronger than 84% of the league's offenses. Then again, a 25-point victory is much tamer than Billy and gang taking Big Mangina out on a sport fishing boat and playing bullet Pictionary on Coach's chest in the cabin.

Remember when the Pats annihilated the Jets back in Week 1? Yeah, well that was only a 24 point win. And the Jets seem to be much improved, with a pretty solid defense.

Don't get us wrong however, we'll be taking New England and laying the small village in this week's Spreading Ourselves Thin.

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