Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Disturbing New Trend Appauls Suburban NBA Crowds

As the arena blasted:

You can't step to my roots, so don't try it.
You can’t burn with my group so don’t light it.
I'm on the OC crew and I'm better than you.
You like to suck my balls, don't deny it.
You can't bop her like me so don't go there.
You never find a bigger bitch player nowhere.
I put my jimmy in a ho, put off soul.
I'm a good listener and that's rare.

The defense got served.*

A night later, in Minneapolis, Rashad McCants interpreted the rancher and his violin's ditty a little too literally for McHale's taste.

You'll do a line and I'll do a line honeeey,
You'll do a line and I'll do a line baaaabe
You'll do a line and I'll do a line, we'll fight an' screw til the mornin' time
Honey, babe, be mine.

Commissioner David Stern has issued a statement in response to the recent rhythmic outbreak on NBA hardwood across the country, warning that "serving" a defender is now subject to a $75,000 fine.

*Or F'd in the A, if you will

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