Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome To The Machine, Carney

The San Francisco Giants hired Carney Lansford as their new hitting coach Thursday. Lansford, a former batting champion and five-time All-Star is indeed quite the upgrade to Joe Lefebvre and his inspiring .258 lifetime mark.

Initially, the news of Sabean making a competent personnel move came as a shock. But upon further inspection we realized Sabes thought he was signing Lansford as his starting third baseman. After all, G-men fans are no longer in awe of our general manager's mystifying ability to put crustaceans on the diamond and make big-time talent vanish into thin air the Metrodome.

B.S. Factoid of the Day: Brian Sabean once won a goldfish at a carnival game, but insisted on paying the vendor with a first-round pick.

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