Saturday, November 10, 2007

Schilling: I'm a Woman! I'm 40!

Sock-painting Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling will not have his thunder stolen by some rookie.

Boston infielder Dustin Pedroia recently revealed he played the last two months of the season with a broken bone in his left wrist.

Schilling, never the one to be overshadowed, made a rugged admission of his own Saturday.

"I pitched most of the season damaged," Schilling said on his blog "Even though I was in wicked hellish pain I just had to play through it for the good of the team. Because that's who I am. I'm a team-first type teammate."

According to the right hander's gynecologist, Schilling had been nursing a condition referred to as "turf vagina," or sprained vulva as its known medically.

The former Cy Young runner-up is expected to be fully recovered in time for spring training.

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