Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bengals Wideout Disappoints Suspended Sensai

Adam "Pacman" Jones thought he mentored oft-arrested Cincinnati receiver Chris Henry well.

Jones thought wrong.

Henry, who was recently reinstated to the NFL after serving an eight-game suspension, got into a parking lot altercation at a Kentucky hot spot Tuesday night.

According to WLWT-5 in Cincinnati, when Henry was asked by the valet attendant to pay for parking, the wideout 'stood chest to chest with [him] and forced him to walk backward.'

"At that point, he was so far so good," Jones said. "You don't back down to no bow-tie gump."

By Jones' assessment however, that's when the events began to turn sour.

Henry then allegedly threw a $5 bill to the ground saying, 'You'd better pick that up, (expletive).'

"See that just aint the way I taught him to flow," Jones said. "The playbook right there says you hold up five $1 bills, and let that (expletive) sprinkle down on homeboy's head. That's fundamentals."

Although Jones expressed grave disappointment by his protege's actions, he plans on continuing to guide the troubled wide receiver from his crow's nest in Memphis as he serves the remainder of his own season-long suspension.

"He still a young pup. Christopher is learnin' more and more each day," Jones assured LBMS. "If he play his cards right I see him as our gunman next time we roll to Vegas. Wakawakawaka."

Bengals' Henry Threatened Valet Attendant, Police Say [WLWT]

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