Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Democratic Thought at the Worldwide Leader

A timeline of the most insightful Fan Favorites Featured Comments in recent time:

"Miami just completed the best single season in football history." -f1nfanat1xx

1980: "USA's victory over Russia was probably one of the most surprising upsets of this year's Winter Games." -wildncrzykid

1989: "Pete Rose was wrong to gamble on baseball while he was still managing." -vega$$ baybeee

1994: "If the MLB players go on strike I don't think they will play any games." -dieh4rdball

1994: "Nancy Kerrigan never would have earned a silver medal had she been clubbed in the knee during the competition." -iceeyou

1999: "If Jackie Robinson came into the league in this day and age he would have a much easier time concentrating on baseball." -br00klinwhat!

2004: "The SaberCats should play the Patriots to determine who is the world champion of American Football." -p1g5kinn3r

2005: "San Antonio Spurs play great basketb..$%#@@ I would like to fellate a goat." *short circuits* -disneybot1

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