Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Summer of Adam

So Bobcat forward Adam Morrison is most likely out for the season with a torn labia ACL. After a productive rookie year on offense (11.8 ppg) and a manikin effort on defense, what is everybody's favorite young, mop-topped, whisker-stached, diabetic basketbawler to do with all the free time? We thought we'd toss out a few suggestions:
  • Head to the Paragon and help Jerry film a bootlegged copy of Cry, Cry Again for Brody.
  • Play drums in a Beatles cover band. Name the group: J.J. and I's Anal Beadles.
  • Eat a candy bar when your insulin levels are low, and shoot insulin when your blood-sugar level is low, to see if you can get a buzz.
  • Sit in the luxury box with MJ during home games, gamble profusely, shed tears while there is still time on the clock, before you've lost.
  • Practice defense by playing NBA Live.
  • Take up gardening, maybe plant some radish seeds. Conserve water by crying on the soil.
  • Learn how to be an ambassador for the game from sensai Lorenzo Mata.
  • Take a trip back to Spokane, trip balls with Josh Heytvelt.
  • Repeat.


Jesse said...
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Jesse said...

Other things young Adam could and should do:
1. Tivo the airing of ESPN's instant classic Cal vs. Oregon State Game.
2. Quickly find a cutting board and dice up some onions when he starts to cry about the numerous things that sadden him (so he has an excuse).
3. Buy a Gillette Mach 3