Sunday, October 14, 2007

What is this, Amateur Hour?!

Vacuous musings from Saturday's (and Friday's) NCAA football action around the country.

Nice work Cal. Way to goatfuck the chance to be on top of a fly-dropping Top 10. It's tough to get too upset at young Kevin Riley for sabotaging the game though*. He probably heard beavers and point shaving and assumed he was in for a more pleasurable night. Better head to Tightwad Hill Kev, maybe Tedford's got a freshly packed bowl on a 6-footer for you to hit.

♠ We may be a little Pac-10 biased over here but wow, the SEC just does not relent. Another masterpiece of a game out there in Lexington as the Wildcats took out top-ranked LSU. Our minds aren't boggled that Lester decided to run the ball four straight times in that third OT. They're boggled that Hammerin' Hester didn't tote it on fourth down. Congrats UK, hopefully Kige Ramsey didn't impregnate any nice Kentucky girls in a celebratory stupor. "I believe I will name the boy Kige Woodson. My name is Kige and Woodson is the last name of my favorite UK player. I don't believe that abortion is right. This is Kige Ramsey for YouTube Moral Issues."

♠ 2006 Heisman hopeful Colt Brennan proved to be a real communist in Hawaii's overtime comeback win over woeful San Jose State Friday night. The shielded slinger threw as many touchdowns to rainbow warriors as he did interceptions to Spartacus. We're not advocating a BCS bowl for the islanders per se, but if this fucking bullshit keeps up...uhh, well they may be taking on Montana in the big easy come January.

*Riley was actually very impressive for 59:40+ minutes of the game.

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