Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Umpire Feng Shui

Two blown calls in one 13-inning, sudden death playoff between the Fathers and the Purple Triceratops' at Coors Field.

That's ok. The latter (Holliday stuffed from the plate) essentially served as a make-up for the former (Atkins' home-run).

A tip for the left and right field umpires moving forward in the MLB playoffs*: Stand more than 15 feet from the diamond! It's cool that you like being so close to your blue brethren but there IS something wrong with that if it prevents you from properly performing your only task: to turn around every once in a while and open your eyes.

*Shaping up to be the most exciting we've seen in a long time

For a gaggle of analysis of this game from all over Blogstralia, deadspin's got you covered.

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