Friday, October 5, 2007

Grab Your Beaker, TBS Is Here to Teach You Something About Chemistry!

Turner's found a tremendous baseball broadcasting unit in Chip Caray, Tony Gwynn, Bob Brenly and Craig Sager, as Awful Announcing will tell you.

Yesterday we had Sager's barn-burning questions to King Jamez. We had him sitting in the last row of the left field bleachers, gleefully high-fiving Indian fans and banging on a tribe skin with the coma-inducing tempo and ferocity of a current day Lars Ulrich. We had it all.

And how about today's ALCS game 2 (from the bottom of the 2nd):

Sager (after interviewing Queen Latifah): Back to you, Chip.
Chip: Alright Craig, and speaking of looking good...we had the King last night, we have the Queen tonight, and I think Craig got that outfit from Prince.
Brenly: It looks like they came straight from an easter egg hunt.

Bam! An out-loud laugh inducer for us. A real Lowell, if you will. Hell, TBS has been damn near perfect in their entire coverage of playoff baseball. From their sleek graphics, to their Ripken game breaks, and of course the use of a longtime favorite of ours, Ted Robinson!

But sadly, in the long run this is terrible news. All of this broadcasting competence now will merely leave us flacid and repulsed when McCarver and FOX take the baton in the upcoming rounds. Enjoy it while it lasts seamheads.

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