Monday, October 29, 2007

A-Rock? Former Yankee Dreamin' Denver

NEW YORK (AP) -- After announcing he will opt out of his current contract with the New York Yankees during game four of the World Series, Alex Rodriguez may now be on his way to the Mile High City.

"Out of respect for the game of baseball," Rodriguez's agent Scott Boras said. "Alex wanted to wait to declare his desired destination until after the World Series ended... he would like to play for the Colorado Rockies starting next season."

Boras went on to state that his Cooperstown-bound client's decision was quite simple, and had nothing to do with Jesus, the alleged lord and savior.

"Truth is Alex hasn't felt comfortable playing in the uniforms of any of his previous clubs. He would like nothing more than to finally be able to coordinate his lipstick with his jersey."

Sources close to LBMS say Arizona was Rodriguez's first choice, but when the Diamondbacks removed purple as their primary color early in 2007, he had to look elsewhere.

"We're hoping the deal will be done by Rockcember," Boras said. "Rockuary at the latest."

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