Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Pronounced 'Football Game in Irving'

We don't go out of our way to rag on the worldwide leader, and we understand that it's a staple of the sports media to fabricate cute phrases for upcoming events - after all if you simplify the story down to capsulated pill form it luges down our gullets easier. We get the concept, but it should be stopped.

Last weekend the rave was gutcheck Saturday, and now, the duel in Dallas is the poison. Considering the beginning of the sports week was extremely slow (no baseball mon-wed), it's understandable to overhype a mid-October NFL game which features: two unbeatens; a 90s dynasty vs. 00s dynasty; and head coaches who appreciate a fine sweat suit (Belichick by choice, Phillips by need of the Krispy Kreme waistline expandability).

But the duel in Dallas? Come on espin. We get that the game is being played in an area of the country where spur-strapped men used to customarily pace off before pistoling each other. And that alliteration is always auspiciously awesome. But couldn't you have avoided the cliche-ish sounding phrase? Don't you get paid to do so? At least limit its mentioning to just one per Sean Salisbury stutter.

We are willing to give Bristol U. some slack for now though. However, if one more Stuart Scott poetry jam airs, we'll have to, well, do this.

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