Friday, February 8, 2008

Did Marv out-perform Buck on 'The Snatch'? YESSSS!

Since Joe Buck's call of David Tyree's infamous Super Bowl snag sounded like he was about to throw down his headset and start crying, we wanted to see how our man Marv Albert played it over the radio waves.

It was one of the most exciting SB plays ever, and at least Marv jacked up the intensity over its course. Although no memorable lines were recited from Albert, at least the enthusiasm was there.

"What a play!... What a play!" is probably the only thing we'd have come up with as well. Tough to capture such a miraculous moment on radio.

Buck, we know you like to sound professional, but next time please don't take Nantz's lead and openly stroke the Pats.

Super Bowl Highlights [Westwood One]

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