Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're The Brews, Sportin' Anti-Swastika Tattoos

A Coloradoan Jewish school's basketball team may have to forfeit the regional championship game due to the contest's scheduling conflict with Sabbath.

Herzl/Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy's boys team could be headed for a regional championship on Saturday, March 8, if it wins one more game Thursday. But the Denver school's religious beliefs prohibit students from playing on the Jewish Sabbath between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday.

What is viewed as a problem for many, is actually a blessing for the dual-sported athletes at the Hebrew Academy who, by forfeiting Saturday, would be able to rest their wrists for the more heralded State Dreidel Spin-off scheduled for Sunday.

Sabbath conflict may stop Colo. Jewish school's playoff run
[USA Today]

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