Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sampson Wouldn't Last Two Weeks in Bawlmore

Indiana basketball coach Kelvin Sampson shows once again he's no more adept at doin' business than Prop Joe's dipshit nephew. You gotta know not to talk shop over the phone, not even with texts.

In the words of Stringer Bell, Samsonite know he gon' have to eat the charge on this one.

Come on coach, are you kidding us? Excessive text messaging to recruits? How do you think the likes of Coach K and Roy Williams have been ruling the roost so long without getting busted by MCU? Cell phones are for setting up in-person meets, tops.

Although Sampson should land on his feet, hopefully coaching at some off-brand gang school like Eastern Tennessee Tech within the next few years. We only hope if he continues to use the cell that he at least develop some type of picture messaging code, ala Vondas-Marlo.


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