Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rapid Fire, presented by Stephen Jackson

♠ Cards manager Tony LaRussa announced Tuesday that he will continue last year's second-half trend of batting his pitchers eighth in the order. LaRussa later added that he will be extending his "scotch inning" from batting practice through the seventh.

♠ Patriots running back Kevin Faulk was cited for marijuana possession at a Lil Wayne concert in Lewsyanna last Friday. We knew LSU's all-time rushing leader wasn't the most elusive of backs, but wow, that's like getting tackled by the punter who tore his hamstring on the kick.

♠ And sometimes we just have to let THE ONION speak for us: 'Cupcake Used in NBA Slam-Dunk Contest Inducted Into Cupcake Hall of Fame.'

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