Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stop the Mock, Can't Stop the Mock! (Sorry)

Although we like to pretend as if NFL news doesn't jam our brain fuller than Antonio Alfonseca shockering a bowling ball, we just can't resist a Mock Draft (this goes especially true in August for the fantasy varieties.)

SI's Donny "Cake Eater" Banks is the latest to magnetize our mind.

Thanks to some Sabean-esque wizardry, the Niners had to give up number 8 to the Pats, but do get 29 from Indy. There are a lot of great looking wideouts worthy of a first-round pick: Malcolm Kelly, Manningham, Doucet? If SF could hook one of those gunga-galungean playmakers, that'd be a warm feeling (and not the kind of warm feeling we got from all the Jameson's we had to drink to culp with the realization that the 9ers were gonna take Smith no. 1).

Let the Game Begin [CNNSI]

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