Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coming In At No.11... King Tut's Mummy

Brian Sabean has the patience to play chess against a corpse. Check out this Baseball America claim...
"A former eagle-eyed scout who helped build the Yankees' late-1990s dynasty, Sabean says he's committed to rebuilding San Francisco's farm system and churning out homegrown position players to match the constant stream of pitching talent the organization has produced. The Giants haven't signed a player who has developed into a homegrown all-star since drafting Will Clark with the No. 2 overall pick in 1985."
Get him out of the front office and back on the beat, please. And what is this crap about Joe Crede? Are you kidding me? Average white player if ever there was one...didn't he hit sub .250 last year?

Can't wait until 2011 when the A's new yard opens up in Fremont. Giants are more like an Elks club than a baseball team...BINGO!


Top 10 Prospects: SF Giants [Baseball America]

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