Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making Cadillac Margaritas Out of Lemons

Bad news for Kige and the Titans nation headed into Saturday's AFC Wild Card game against the Chargers: First, they found out tight end Bo Scaife will not be playing due to excessive absinthe intake on NYE (lacerated liver). And now, leading "receiver" Roydell Williams is out for the season after getting his foot stuck in the team's cafeteria conveyer belt (broken ankle).

Assuming Vince Young avoids a falling anvil or piano from above, he should at least be good to go this weekend.

But now, rather than being able to throw to moving scarecrows with stone mittens, VY will have to do his best completing passes to moving, KY jellied-up, vertical slip-n-slides.

At least VY to KY has an aurally pleasing ring to it. And hey, we're pretty sure neither Peyton nor Eli has advertised for vaginal moisturizer yet!

So Vince, don't worry about losing to that little bitch Rivers this weekend. We see you having a long, lubed, pleasurable, and profitable offseason.

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