Friday, January 11, 2008

Kyle Korver Goes Nothin' But Net With Teenagers in da SLC

Hey Girl. You're lookin' fine. What do you say we head back to my hotel room and stroke the 3-ball. I'll even let you put your hand in my cookie jar.

What's that? Aw, nah babe I am on the team. Yeah, why don't you come over here and tug on the tiny bill of this crip beanie I got from the streets of Philly. That's g-talk for Philadephia, gorgeous.

Don't worry, these 2% wine coolers will set the mood, girl. Baby I got enough money to get drunk in Utah. I'll go grab a few cases.

Here, why don't you come over and sit on my knee, and drink the B&J straight out of the ridge of my busted nose.

Yeah, don't sweat it. I can put on the new Jonas Bros joint. Come here boo, let me cuddle you like this Spalding. Then later I'll go beyond your arc and drill you from downtown.

Hah, just kidding hun, we'll go slow. Wanna get engaged?


Jesse said...

What is this garbage?? And why do I always end up reading these vagina monologues? I guess I'm a sucker for white dudes saying "boo".

Doje said...

Kyle Korver doesn't support that message, but he would like to welcome you to his fan club. be expecting a complimentary pink scrunchy in the mail