Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Hawk Down (And Bleeding From the Nostrils)

PGA Tour "player" Tripp Isenhour, against his caddy's advice, left his musket in the bag and went with the lob wedge to nail a protected migratory bird from 75 yards out while filming an instructional golf video.

But don't worry PETA, the skull-crushing sticksman has the situation rectified:

Isenhour said his family has adopted three cats from a local shelter.

Man, this guy is even better than a Sour Warhead-stuffed, ADD-riddled elementary school kid at conflict resolution.

Let's go ahead and get this Tripp fellow a neon orange jacket and drop him at ol' Ted Nugent's ranch to test his merits in his natural sport. Because with two missed cuts out of three Nationwide tour events, Isenhour would be better off putting with a cannon than his flat stick.

Isenhour, charged with killing bird, says 'I am an animal lover'

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