Monday, March 10, 2008

Quarterback Green Returns to Rams, Will Share 'Locker room' With Broccoli

ST. LOUIS -- Oft-concussed veteran quarterback Trent Green signed a three-year deal to return to play for the St. Louis Rams Monday.

Green was informed by coach Scott Linehan that the contract is valid only under the conditions that the 37-year-old dress in the team's locker room "annex".

"Greeny won't ever be invited in with the team or out onto the field, per se," Linehan said. "Rather he'll need to remain in the kitchen next to the cabbage."

Linehan also added that out of respect to opposing defender's knees, and Green's capacity to live, the former Pro Bowl slinger will be kept refigerated along with the other edible parts of plants.

"Drrdsa jghhe jee hh eiwepp," Green stated. "Gsdjk."