Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Merchandise Sales Spike/Deep Sea Bloodbath

Whoa, when did the Sharks relocate to D.C.? We all know the little weasel Gary Bettman runs the sneakiest operation of the Big 4, but how could a jersey change of a Western Conference powerhouse go unnoticed til now? Oh, that's right it's not the playoffs yet.

As if now having to put up with wannabe spokesman Jeremy Roenick isn't tough enough for Sharks fans we must also bid adieu to the ferocious yet friendly old logo; and welcome in a more lethal, more jagged, new fish emblem.

Time for a Lord Mullet Melrose-esque Analysis of the two, side-by-side: On the left you have the old stand-by. Terrific symmetry; long, sharp teeth; and it's even registered!

To the right, the new logo: A more barbed approach (the framing triangle is even bent like an arrowhead); teal highlighting; and somewhat surprisingly, the teeth aren't as long!

New logo cons: The stick doesn't appear to be game-used (notice the lack of tape on the handle), and the shark seems to have gotten a wooden shard lodged into its right eye.

New logo pros: One can no longer mistake the left pectoral fin for a second, choad-like dorsal fin, as was often the case for the dimensionally-challenged old logo.

Consensus: This hellacious, serrated new emblem remains at a lower rank. But give him time, he may just swim into our heart. Or perhaps harpoon it out with his needle-like nose.


Fire said...

Gary Bettman's gotta go!

Justin said...

SHARKS!!! F the new unies!

mmw said...

It's poochie the shark!

Greg said...

I think the teal arrowhead was supposed to be the mount for the Frickin' Laser.