Thursday, April 24, 2008

Overheard From the Guidance Counselor's Office

Nice job by the ever-charming Matthew Berry (aka Talented Mr. Roto) recapping the last decade (and beyond) of developments in fantasy sports. We’ve been partaking for about 12 years now and one thought has remained a fixture on our mental mouse wheel for quite some time.

Along with bartending on a tropical isle, becoming a fantasy sportsmith tops our list of desired career choices. We often envision ourselves turning heads as a renegade industrialist; combining attributes of the stock trader, the medic, and the scout; and perhaps even parlaying the potential revenue river into our own line of business-casual bathrobes.

But every time we try to chalk up a conceivable game plan, managing dozens of franchises in every possible sport, we’re left disheartened at a projected $5,000 annual income. And that’s assuming we can win 25-percent of the leagues we enter. Dag.

It looks like we better slip back into a Hawaiian T and start practicing our Strong Island ratios.

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